Special Yoga was founded to provide yoga as a therapeutic intervention for children with special needs. We consider all children special and know that no label can define or limit a child’s potential for positive change.

Special Yoga’s methodology includes the classical yoga practises of movement, breathing, deep relaxation, as well as sound, rhythm, massage, and sensory integration techniques. We meet every child both in our group and in our individual sessions with a pure intention to create a practise that will encourage their fullest potential. We celebrate the strength within each child and work from there. When the child is taken out of stress and into a relaxed state, it creates the optimum condition for the possibility of positive change.

A few facts to compare with your current policy
  • ● We cover you working in any owned, rented, hired or client’s property, including retreats worldwide (excl.US/Canada)
  • ● £5.0M indemnity on Public & Product liability (£3M may not be enough!)
  • ● £5,000 cover on business stock & equipment
  • ● £5.0M Indemnity Medical Malpractice
  • ● Legal expenses, breach of confidentiality, website & email infringements
  • ● Identity Theft
  • ● This is a “claims made” policy with the added advantage of retroactive cover being included back to 2006, and 24 months run-off cover included in case there is a break in your career.

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