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Benefits of Membership

The Benefits of Foyht Membership

  1. Free use of the directory:
  2. Free access to the On-line Health & Wellbeing magazine:
  3. You can submit your own articles to the On-line Magazine
  4. Free use of the ‘What’s-On’ Events calendar:
  5. Additional Legal Expenses and Legal Help Line (UK & Ireland only)
  6. Data Protection tool alerting you to attempts to access your data
  7. Registered e-mail capability for those emails that you need to track and trace
  8. Insurance designed with you in mind
  9. Discounted use of isosconnect premium features

Offering more when more is needed

It is undeniable that life for us all has changed since March 2020. Someone has pressed a great big ‘reset’ button on the way we work, rest and play. Life has changed and we must change – if we can. Well, of course we can! We can breathe deeper and think clearer. What was rushed and important is no longer so. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are new problems, new issues, new challenges. Our ambition is to help you meet and overcome all of those things without having to spend huge amounts of time and energy on fretting about them.

The world, which was moving rapidly in a digital direction, has just taken an electronic leap into the unknown: through necessity. Grasp and use the technology – or sit back and watch. The world of Webs and Dark Webs, of phishing and whaling, of GDPR regulations and fines are a serious concern. To assist we have designed a package of benefits that will help – often without additional cost.


Benefit 1
Data Breach Alert
As a small business, you will have a small database. (As a larger business you will have a larger data-base – but it will be equally vulnerable)

We provide a data breach monitoring service. If anyone gains unauthorised access to your database and contacts your clients we will alert you immediately: enabling you to take any remedial action appropriate to the circumstance.

This is an included/free service.


Benefit 2
Registered Post and Online Signatures
Sometimes you need to send a registered letter. This facility enables you to send a registered e-mail providing full traceability and evidence that the email has been received/opened/read.
This is an included/free service

If you want, all e-mails can be sent registered – but then a small charge will apply.


Benefit 3
Discounted rates for access to our online cyber security training facility

It is generally acknowledged that most Cyber ‘events’ are caused by human error. Awareness and education is key. We can provide:

  • a current security analysis of your internet facing weaknesses at no charge and
  • discounted rates on Cyber training

Whether you’re a small business or a large business, you hold a great deal of personal information that should be looked after, carefully.

(For an easy-to-read guide to the various aspects you should consider when deciding how to approach your Cyber risks and liabilities. Read ‘A Guide to Cyber-risk Management‘ or download the pdf)


Benefit 4
Working remotely is here to stay for a lot of businesses. The opportunity to utilize the premium tools on our partner platform isosconnect, at no additional charge for 60 days, is included in your Foyht membership.

isosconnect is a one-stop online platform which allows you to book client appointments, keep a calendar, take payments, distribute video meeting links, and many other features, all in one place. Your discount code can be found on your policy document E-Mail.

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