The Cyber-risk Management team is here to assist making your business more resilient through:

  • Customised Risk Reports to Suit Every Business.
  • In-depth Security Audits.
  • Data Protection and GDPR Compliance.
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Bespoke Cyber Security Training Solutions
  • Encryption and Storage
  • Specialist Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Ongoing Support Including Ethical Hacking

We can guide you through the process and work in collaboration with our trusted partners. Working from a place of best practice we help them to protect their businesses through comprehensive risk management and bespoke cyber insurance solutions.

For a total Security Package
CIS core focus of providing enterprise IT solutions to businesses locally, nationally and internationally has continued whilst their offering has grown to include their own Private Cloud. They offer a wide range of services, and take a flexible approach to their client relationships.

Visit the CIS ltd website for further details.


About Corax
Corax is a cyber risk analytics platform that helps brokers, underwriters and their reinsurance counterparts sell more cyber insurance. Corax uses data science, Machine Learning and advanced risk analytics to discover cyber exposure and underwriting insight. From brokers, to underwriters, to re-insurers, Corax is focused on the entire insurance value chain, making lead generation, risk selection, pricing, cyber hygiene, scoring, exposure management and scenario modeling simple and effective.

Cyber security awareness like you’ve never seen before
Cybermaniacs helps everyone at your company build the digital skills and cyber habits needed for both themselves and your organisation to stay cyber safe.

Our unique solution is based on human behavioural change and culture-centric principles, and we use a bit of humour to grab the attention and attitudes of your busy teams and staff for positive messages that continually reinforce cyber awareness.

We offer affordable, ongoing learning solutions that are not only engaging and interactive, but also highly effective. Our holistic set of learning resources is designed to help change staff behaviours and attitudes towards risk, information handling, physical and cyber security. Our cyber security training videos are short, sweet, and sure to entertain as well as explain all the latest in cyber awareness and digital skills.

The result? An empowered, positively motivated, and security aware workforce acting as a human firewall.

CybSafe is a premium e-learning and analytics tool
It’s designed around the simple principle that if people know how to behave better online, they will be more secure by providing your people and your business with fundamental cyber security knowledge and insight, you can mitigate risks before they manifest as a breach.

Visit the CybSafe website for further details.

Databasix UK is an award-winning, Oxfordshire based data protection consultancy who works with SMEs who are uncertain how GDPR/Data Protection applies to their business.

The Defence Works
GCHQ-CERTIFIED Training Partner – Our training is fully customisable and available on any device with support from our team making sure you are always up and running.With interactive training, real-life scenarios, and live leaderboards, our content mashes powerful insights with gamification for a fun learning experience.


KYND provides cyber risk management for EVERY business that operates online.
Simple to understand, quick to monitor and easy to prevent – it speaks in a language everyone can understand – no technical jargon or drama!

Whether you manage your company’s cyber risks, do this on behalf of your clients; KYND provides the expert knowledge and products to manage and mitigate cyber risks.

There’s nothing confusing with KYND. Only pioneering cyber risk prevention that’s got businesses best interests at heart.

Procorre is a next generation management consultancy that provide a first-class service through innovative, expert consultants who deliver client projects to the highest standards. Built from the same entrepreneurial foundations as the consultants that they represent, Procorre knows how to hand-pick the best expertise for client projects.

Procorre’s vast talent pool consists of countless cyber and information security professionals, and they have over 20 years’ experience placing them in projects around the world, continuously embracing innovation to adapt to evolving landscapes. Procorre also has experts in Medical Devices, Renewables, Financial Services, Technology and many more industries.

Visit to learn more.

E-delivery Proof. Encryption. E-signatures.
RPost products and Registered Email™ technology are used in more than 90 countries worldwide by governments and businesses of all sizes.

Visit the RPost website for further details.