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Cyber-risk Management


We believe that a successful Cyber Risk Management policy revolves around three pillars; People, Processes and Technology.

You will often hear how employees are the weakest link in your company, how each individual represents a threat to your security.

We know that people are any organisation’s main asset and using the Cybsafe e-learning tool we can help make your first line of defence one of your strongest. Make your staff a security asset.

CybSafe is a premium e-learning and analytics tool

It is designed around the simple principle that if people know how to behave better online, they will be more secure.
By providing your people and your business with fundamental cyber security knowledge and insight, you can mitigate risks before they manifest as a breach.


Enhancing awareness; Driving good practice; Making informed decisions.

CybSafe is much more than a standard e-learning tool – it has been produced by a team of experts with a unique understanding of complex human networks.


Instead of being a one-off, tick-box exercise which results in little lasting impact, CybSafe is a strategic tool designed to:

  • Change Behaviour
  • Drive an ongoing culture of good practice
  • Measure Impact
  • Track trends and changes in understanding and awareness
  • Understand Risk
  • Deliver insight and decision support analytics


How it Works

Training & Awareness

Assess baseline understanding then raise awareness through high-quality accredited training


CybSafe Analytics

Track progress, visualise vulnerability and understand risk


Simulated Cyber attacks & Penetration Tests

Assure retained knowledge, promote continuous learning and assess vulnerability with bespoke simulated attacks


User Engagement & Reinforcement Support

Reinforce improvements in behaviour and promote positive cyber security culture with posters, leaflets and giveaways

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