Your family, employees, customers and suppliers

No amount of care and caution will protect you and your business completely

However, given the opportunity we all will take advantage of ‘low hanging fruit’ and the Cyber-criminal fraternity (and the simply mischievous) are no different. A few simple (and inexpensive) actions can move your business out of the reach of many would-be cyber criminals.

Some preventative measures are inexpensive and easy to deploy. While others are either so complex or expensive that deployment cannot realistically be considered.

It is evident that a little security can have a profound effect on reducing the likelihood of your friends, family, staff and business suffering an unwanted Cyber Event – or the effects there-of.

Some businesses will carry personal data or Intellectual Property that has an enormous value. It is important that such businesses carry an appropriate level of security. The more a business has to lose the harder someone will try to take it.