How could a Cyber-Event adversely affect the wellbeing of you, your staff and friends, customers and suppliers?

a. Catastrophic computer failure through breakdown or sudden and unforeseen circumstance (such as fire or flood).

b. Breach of computer systems’ security, perhaps caused by

  • Staff with ulterior motives with automatic access to data
  • Careless staff who give away passwords and/or other relevant data
  • Phishing, Whaling and Spear phishing expeditions Read More
  • Hackers with an ambition to steal and sell personal data
  • Hackers paid to locate and download specific data such as Intellectual property
  • Distress caused by those who are effected and the resulting damages.

c. Ransomware and malware being used

  • These can be used to prevent your access to key operational data and your networks affecting the running of your business.

d. Forensic costs involved in rectification

  • The costs to engage specialists to find the cause of the event, mitigate losses and advise on the best solution.

e. Interruption to business

  • Network downtime.
  • Loss of direct revenues and future revenues which are affected by the cyber event.
  • Costs of reconstituting data.

f. Adverse publicity

  • The reduction in turnover following an event
  • The costs required to engage various consultancy services to mitigate the financial losses
  • Loss of revenue
  • Costs involved in regaining trust through your supply chain.