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Love Your Birth Training School trains those who are passionate about positive birth to become engaging and nurturing Hypnobirthing teachers. We support our trainees to become the very best Hypnobirthing has to offer. The guiding lights, the listeners, the creatives, the questioners and the thinkers. We offer mentoring and support for every part of their journey from building your knowledge to getting Hypnobirthing clients.

Hypnobirthing is a full birth preparation course that leaves birthing people and their birth partners calm, confident and equipped for birth. We value and celebrate all births. We believe that Hypnobirthing is for all choices and eventualities and it is certainly not something that is achieved or not achieved.

Love Your Birth is founded by Abby Watson. Abby is an experienced teacher and mentor. She came to Hypnobirthing as an expectant mum in 2013 and took the plunge in setting up her Hypnobirthing business in 2015. It has grown ever since just as her family has.

Although Love Your Birth is a training school it is also a supportive and nurturing community of Hypnobirthing teachers. We highly value community and know that when we work together, share and learn from one other we are stronger.

A few facts to compare with your current policy
  • ● We cover you working in any owned, rented, hired or client’s property, including retreats worldwide (excl.US/Canada)
  • ● £5.0M indemnity on Public & Product liability (£3M may not be enough!)
  • ● £5,000 cover on business stock & equipment
  • ● £5.0M Indemnity Medical Malpractice
  • ● Legal expenses, breach of confidentiality, website & email infringements
  • ● Identity Theft
  • ● This is a “claims made” policy with the added advantage of retroactive cover being included back to 2006, and 24 months run-off cover included in case there is a break in your career.

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