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Kandy Dolor is an Author who writes books for women in difficulties through her own brand and collection of self-help books called KandyCares.
Kandy is also a self-help coach who dedicates her time to supporting women and young ladies who are going through pregnancy without support from the father’s.
Basing her books subjects from her own real life experiences and being able to relate and sympathise with single pregnant women from once being in that situation herself-twice, Kandy is not only able to understand but help others facing similar challenges through an online support group she manages in which she shares her stories and coping mechanisms through tough times she has overcome, giving advice and helping women and teenage girls worldwide to build their confidence, self-love, worth, and value while ultimately teaching them how to transform their lives becoming happier women and positive role models as single mothers.

The name of my Doula agency is called KandyCares Doulas LTD

A few facts to compare with your current policy
  • ● We cover you working in any owned, rented, hired or client’s property, including retreats worldwide (excl.US/Canada)
  • ● £5.0M indemnity on Public & Product liability (£3M may not be enough!)
  • ● £5,000 cover on business stock & equipment
  • ● £5.0M Indemnity Medical Malpractice
  • ● Legal expenses, breach of confidentiality, website & email infringements
  • ● Identity Theft
  • ● This is a “claims made” policy with the added advantage of retroactive cover being included back to 2006, and 24 months run-off cover included in case there is a break in your career.

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