Empire Institute of Beauty & Aesthetics

an associated group of BGi.uk

At the Empire Institute of Beauty & Aesthetics, we are committed to ensuring you are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a successful, respected and sought-after practitioner in this ever growing multi billion pound industry. All our tutors have a wealth of experience with a mix of RGN nurses, biomedical scientists and aesthetic practitioners who are all geared to offering you the best possible learning experience.

We’ve built our own chain of successful clinics, so we understand how important it is to be able to balance the books as well as improve your clients’ looks. That’s why we will also teach you how to build and maintain your own profitable business.

With three learning centres spread across the UK, courses covering everything from dermal fillers to botox, and trainers of the highest quality we are the number one choice for medic and non medics who want to make an impact in the beauty and aesthetic industry.

A few facts to compare with your current policy
  • ● Public Liability (Indemnity Limit £5,000,000 per insured person or business: £10,000,000 available on request)
  • ● Malpractice Cover & Professional Indemnity (Indemnity Limit £5,000,000: £10,000,000 available on request)
  • ● Products Liability (for items sold in connection with your insured business)
  • ● Working from home, at a client’s home, or at any owned, rented or hired premises anywhere in the world excluding the USA/Canada
  • ● Damage to rented/hired third party premises
  • ● Accidental loss or damage to your business stock and equipment
  • ● Overall Limit £5,000: Single item limit £1,000: excluding mobile phones
  • ● Libel & Slander
  • ● Breach of confidentiality, negligence or breach of duty of care
  • ● Website and e-mail infringement arising from the promotion, marketing and advertising of your insured business
  • ● Additional Legal Expenses (Currently only available in the UK & Ireland)
  • ● Geographical coverage: World Wide
  • ● Jurisdiction: World Wide excluding the USA & Canada (Cover may be available on request)
  • ● Indemnity to principals
  • ● Member to member liability included
  • ● Retro-active date 2006 or since the date you have held Medical Malpractice/Liability insurance without break or interruption
  • ● 12 months run off cover to allow for periods when you might not be working
  • ● On-line teaching and pre-recorded teaching is included. However, you should also consider additional media insurance, which is beyond the scope of this insurance
  • ● Loss of Reputation extension
  • ● Emergency First Aid and Good Samaritan Acts included●

For Insurance as an individual teaching or practising you may apply for insurance using the Quote Form.

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