Be a Bright Tech-Savvy Ostrich and consider the following:

You probably wouldn’t go shopping unless you had first locked your front door at home. Your computers, tablets and phones are all access points to your data, your life and probably your soul. Don’t leave them open.

Pay particular attention to securing your basic information: For example, once someone has your e-mail address and access to your computer they can apply to reset passwords on a whole raft of important sites; banks; solicitors (think of the funds available to be stolen when house purchases are arranged!) Social security, Inland Revenue;

There are some important questions that you should consider.

  • Do you hold personal data for others?
  • Who has access to that data?
  • Can you guarantee that the data you hold is stored securely and in the UK?
  • Do you allow other organisations to process this data?
  • Are you GDPR compliant?
  • What controls do you have in place to protect that data?